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At Prank A Loser, we offer a few awesome mail-able pranks. From the famous glitter bomb prank, to the fake lottery ticket prank, we have you covered if you ever need to ruin a friend's or enemy's day.

The Fake Scratch Off Lottery Ticket Prank

This is one of the best and most unique pranks on the market. What we'll do is, we'll mail your friend or enemy an envelope and inside will contain a fake winning lottery ticket. The lottery ticket will be in the form of a scratch off, otherwise known as an instant lottery ticket. When they scratch away, 3 matching numbers will be revealed, indicating a huge monetary win. Chances are they'll S!@% their pants. Some Losers immediately run to the nearest gas station with their fake winning ticket thinking they can claim it. Some have even quit their jobs. You just never know how your fiend or enemy might react. And that's why this is one of the best pranks by mail you can buy. Below we'll explain the additional features available and the different ways you can send your prank.

Sending Your Prank

You can send the prank any way you like. You can choose to be completely anonymous, with absolutely no way the prank can be traced back to you. We recommend this for the enemies in your life. You can send the prank mailed with the "Prank A Loser" branding, or without for an additional fee. Or, you can let them know it came from you, maybe as a gift for their birthday or anniversary.

Add Glitter

We will load your envelope with so much glitter, the mailman will leave a trail. This is a great option if you're sending the prank as a gift or present.

Leave a Message

You can leave a message if you like. We'll include it inside the envelope. You can say anything you want as long as it's in guidance with our Terms & Conditions, which are very basic. Basically, don't threaten to kill anyone and we're good.

Introducing Custom Scratch Off Tickets

We are now offering Custom Scratch Off Tickets. As your Loser scratches away, your custom message will be revealed underneath.This can be a cool gift or cruel prank to piss off your Loser enemy. Max of 100 characters.